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OptaGest is a daily digestive supplement for dogs and cats. This gentle, yet effective formula of the prebiotic organic inulin and four plant-based enzymes supports normal digestion that is sometimes upset by food change, travel, stress, separation or the usual aging process. OptaGest is a complete digestive supplement made with high levels of active ingredients and NO inactive ingredients such as fillers, sugars or preservatives that could further upset sensitive systems.

Available products

  • 100 and 300-gram bottles
  • Convenience sticks, available individually or in a 10-pack box
  • What is the difference between prebiotics and probiotics?

    Probiotics are living bacteria, and every animal has his or her own unique strain of beneficial bacteria that will be at its highest level when the animal is healthy. Probiotic supplements introduce a foreign strain of bacteria into the system which are generally sourced form a completely different species, like a cow or a goat.

    OptaGest works with the body’s natural processes. It contains organic prebiotics which serve as food for friendly bacteria. This targeted feeding promotes a healthy intestinal balance, allowing your pet’s unique, native bacterial strain to thrive.

    How do antibiotics interact with prebiotics and probiotics?

    Antibiotics are intended to kill any harmful bacteria in the pet’s system. Unfortunately, they often kill the beneficial microbes as well, including any introduced through a probiotic supplement. However, because OptaGest contains no living ingredients, it is well-suited to support the digestive tract even during antibiotic use.

    Why enzymes?

    The natural, plant-based enzymes found in OptaGest work from tongue to tail to and aid the body in the absorption of nutrients, helping your pet get the most from daily meals.

    How does OptaGest support a healthy immune system?

    70% of the body’s defenses are housed in the digestive tract. Supporting intestinal health with OptaGest promotes a strong immune system from the inside out.

  • Guaranteed Analysis (per 1/4 teaspoon)

    There are lots of benefits for your dog or cat with OptaGest every day. With the extra support from the enzymes in OptaGest, food is more completely metabolized and more nutrients become available from the food. OptaGest also helps to maintain the good bacteria that are so important to digestion. This, in turn, boosts the immune system, so… OptaGest every day may be ideal for your pet.
    • Moisture (max): 5%
    • Inulin (prebiotic): 700 mg
    • Plant-based enzyme blend: 45 mg
      • Protease (Aspergillus oryzae)*: 18,556 mmoles tyrosine liberated/min/g
      • Amylase (Aspergillus oryzae)*: 2,025 mg starch liberated/min/g
      • Lipase (Rhizopus oryzae)*: 1,033 mmoles fatty acid liberated/min/g
      • Cellulase (Trichoderma longibrachiatum)*: 203 relative fluidity change units of carboxymethylcellulose liberated/5 min/g

    Ingredients: Organic inulin, dried Aspergillus oryzae fermentation solubles, dried Rhizopus oryzae fermentation solubles, dried Trichoderma longibrachiatum fermentation solubles.

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